Occupation Opportunity

There is a good potential to absorb Specialist in IT and Cyber Security. The people who have strong resumé and high English Proficiency can send us their resumé.

Educational and Entertainment Programs 

Student Summer Camp

It is organized for the high school students and held on annually in summer time. It lasts for 3 weeks including daily Language Course, Entertainment and leisure as well as Scientific Tours. The main goal of this camp is Learning English in Canadian Environment and get familiar with the Educational System of New Brunswick.

The students are under the full supervision of College or centre management that organize the camp. The payment is included for all expenses such as accommodation, food, language classes, tours and transfer. Meanwhile, one of the Swallow Immigration members is accompanying the kids from home country ( for example: IRAN ) to Canada, during the camp and returning to home country.

There is also a good opportunity for the parents to accompany their children and take part in Language classes as well.

We are respectfully invite any people who are interested in 2018 camp to contact us from Jan., 01, 2018

New Brunswick Recreational Tour

  • New Brunswick is one of the most fascinating provinces in Canada that attracts plenty of travellers from all over the world and Canada.
  • This tour is 7 days settlement in the province and visiting the recreational and natural centres in three major cities: Saint John, Fredericton and Moncton.
  • Some of the programs are:
  • Visiting the HopeWell Rocks to see the highest tidal Bore of the world
  • Visiting the warm water in Shediac
  • Visiting of Historical Museum of Kings Landing
  • Visiting the natural Parks of Bay of Fundy and RockWood
  • Visiting of the first university of Canada, UNB
  • visiting of Historical and beautiful Shopping Centres

We respectfully invite you to contact us about the above tour