Saint Lucia

On February 22, 1979, Saint Lucia declared its independency. The population is more than 183,000 and its area is approximately 616 square kilometres.

  • English is the official language but French Creole is spoken by people too.
  • Castries is the capital that is located in north of the island with more than 40% of population living there.
  • The Currency is Caribbean Dollar that is $ 2.67 equivalent to each US $.
  • Living in Saint Lucia has a very high standard so it is counted among the first few high standard countries in the world.

The very low crime rate, access to developed and modern facilities, high quality services, and world-class hotels are the unique features of this beautiful and fascinating country.

The annual average temperature is between 25 and 27 C, of course the northeastern mild breeze makes the weather more pleasant.

Geographical and Natural Attractions

“Pitons” are two volcanic mountains that are located in Saint Lucia as a global legacy. The two mountains are connected to each other by “Piton Mitan ridge” .

This natural scenery is one of the most favourable subjects for photography in the island. The larger mountain is called Gros Piton and the smaller is called Petit Piton.

There is a Sulphur Spring on a park with 45 hectares in the island that is located in Geothermal point of the Earth.

There are also many equipped warm mineral water pools to be use by locals and tourist in Hydrotherapy purposes.

Remarkably, Saint Lucia has obtained the most Nobel Prize Awards in the world in proportion of the its population.

Life Style

Any predictable life styles in St. Lucia cause the adventurous tourists to join either the crowded recreational capital or Rodney Bay with modern world class restaurant with the best cuisine in a very pleasant and peaceful environment., Saint Lucia has several international festivals in its annual calendar, for example, the May Festival “Jazz and Art”.


The four “investment platform” in Saint Lucia provide good opportunities for a good and strong economy to set up a business. Tourism is 65% of GDP, and is considered the first foreign exchange income, and agriculture is also the second largest economy in the country.

Easy Business

According to the latest World Bank report, Saint Lucia is currently standing the 77th country among the 183 countries on economic issues. According to the report, Saint Lucia is ranked eighth among Latin American and Caribbean countries and the second among the Caribbean countries.

Saint Lucia has been added into this report since 2006 and it is continuously trying to achieve a higher level in this ranking.

Health and Medical

Health and medical facilities are spread in Saint Lucia nationwide, There are 33 health centres, three public hospitals, a private hospital and a mental health hospital.


Education begins in September and continues with three terms (semesters) up to next July. Public schools are totally free up to the end of high school level.



The most common sports in this island are Cricket, Football, Tennis, Volleyball and Swimming.

Easy & Visa Free Travel

Any holder of Saint Lucia passport can travel to more than 110 countries without visa or with entry visa.

Saint Lucia Citizenship

The Saint Lucia Financial-Economic Fund has been built on the basis of investment law and Citizenship Law 33. The reason is absorbing the eligible investments that are spent on the projects supported by the government.

Steps to the get Saint Lucia’s citizenship 

Initially, the application including a set of relevant  forms and documents is delivered to the Citizenship Office only through authorized government agencies.

At this stage, the applicant is required to pay the initial costs, including the processing fee, the police check, and a portion of the Agency costs to begin the police check.

After completing this step, the government will issue an approved letter and the applicant is obliged to pay the remaining fees and the principal amount of the investment.

At this stage, the relevant forms plus the passport and corresponding fees are submitted to the citizenship office, followed by the preparing the Citizenship  Oath Ceremony Letter and finally issuing the passport. It normally takes time between 3 to 5 months and the Citizenship is long life certificate.

Visa Free Countries with Saint Lucia Passport

The list of visa free countries is provided in a PDF file.